Actually I am sort of opposed to the whole idea of an About me page in a blog – what else is the blog for anyway? But then, who wants to read an entire blog to find out if its interesting. If everyone had to read a book in order to decide not to read it.


Here goes: I was born in Denmark in 1979 in the town of Holstebro before moving to the city of Århus to attend the university there. Once I had finished my candidacy (sort of a masters in Denmark, just the tiniest bit longer) in Comparative Literature and Multimedia I was faced with a choice. I could either accept the fact that my education, however much I had loved it, was utterly useless but made me a likely candidate for doing something my entire life that I didn’t really want to do, or I could choose the jump without a parachute. For reasons unknown to me I chose the latter – and here I am. I spent the first year following my education completing a manuscript in danish. Sort of a whopper of an ironic fantasy novel around 500 pages long that no one seemed interested in publishing. To be fair it does still need a bit of editing and may never win a Nobel prize (though, these days you never know about that) – it may be a misshapen child, but its mine and I love it still. I hope that one day it will be picked up, but Danish is a small language and its not the easiest market to get into as a newcomer. So, maybe when I have a little money I will publish it myself – we’ll see.

Since then I have had the odd job to sustain myself a bit and I have been working on manuscripts in English; not because I think that market is any easier but because I take greater pleasure from writing in English than I do in Danish.

Many great things had happened to me in Århus – great friends, great teachers and I even got married to a quite wonderful woman there. But still, right in the middle of the recession my wife and I decided that it was time to leave our beloved city – to try something new and have our boundaries pushed a bit. So we chose to use all our savings to move to Barcelona instead and here we are.

Through opposition, and hopefully through overcoming it, I believe that we feel alive. And through writing about it I deal with it and I make it both distanced and real at the same time to myself. Therefor I made this blog, not be a long personal rant about me and me and more me – but as a strange sort of semi-literary project about my life. I will post thoughts from or about my life here as well as small pieces of writing for people to read. Hopefully someone will find some inspiration or something here to enjoy at some point. Well, that is more than enough about me for now, I think. Read on if you please, or not if you don’t.